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Flower Pots

Flower pots come in a wide variety of materials, styles and sizes. The two main materials used for flower pots are terracotta and plastic. Either one is fine for your plants. Make your choice based on personal taste.

When choosing a flower pot, make sure it is big enough for your plant. The roots of the plant should have room to grow. Plants in unglazed terracotta pots need to be watered more often than those in plastic pots because the water evaporates out the sides of the pot and not just off of the top of the soil. If the terracotta pot is glazed, it will act in the same way as a plastic flower pot.

Flower pots can be customized for yourself or for gifts. Inexpensive terracotta flower pots can be painted, or mosaics can be glued on to them. These crafts can be done by anyone, including children. Flower pots can be used for things other than plants as well. They can be used as candle holders or storage containers. Use your imagination.