Flower Smell: Learn About Flowers  

Flower Seeds

When deciding what flowers you want to have in your garden, a good first step is to consult a seed catalogue. In these you can find flower seeds and flower bulbs with growing instructions. Once you receive your seeds and bulbs in the mail, don’t wait too long to plant them or they may not grow very well.

Annual flowers, those that grow for only one year, are usually grown from seed. These types of flowers will need to be replanted each year but are usually inexpensive and easy to grow. Some flower seeds are sown right in the garden and others you need to start inside. Transplant these seeds outdoors when the plants are strong enough to withstand the elements. Make sure that you don’t plant your seeds too deeply or they may never sprout. Seeds only need to be covered with twice as much soil as the size of the seed. This could be a very small amount of soil or none at all. Always keep the soil moist, but not too wet when planting seeds. It’s important not to let the seeds dry out.

Perennial flowers, those flowers that will return each year, are usually grown from bulbs. Unlike seeds, bulbs hold valuable nutrients that allow the plants to lay dormant during the winter and return in the spring. Spring flowers such as daffodils and tulips are grown from flower bulbs. Tulips are the most popular bulbs in North America and can be seen in almost all gardens. Plant your bulbs soon after you buy them. If you must wait, store them in a cool, dry place.